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Conscious Sedation

Our goal at Tega Cay Pediatric Dentistry is to ensure that every child has a positive experience in our dental office – free of anxiety, stress, and fear. We are able to accomplish this goal thanks to our sedation options.

While we always greet each child with a warm smile, friendly greeting, and gentle care, we are aware that there will be times when no amount of reassurance can stop a child from feeling fearful. Usually, we find in such situations that sedation not only allows the child to feel more comfortable but also to enjoy their appointment instead of feeling anxious and becoming more distressed as the visit progresses. Following a negative dental experience, children tend to become even more apprehensive about their next appointment for fear that it is going to be even worse. Through the use of sedation, they are able to calm their emotions so that they can gain confidence in the dental chair through positive experiences while learning there is nothing to fear.

What is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is a service we offer to help our young patients relax and feel comfortable during dental procedures. It can be used for a number of services, including teeth cleaning, filling cavities, and emergency treatments. While under conscious sedation, your child will remain awake and responsive throughout their appointment. Although, depending on the type of sedation they use, they may not remember the visit.

Whether you’re bringing your child in for a short and simple treatment or a longer, more complex procedure, sedation is available to benefit children of all ages.

The Benefits of Conscious Sedation

  • One of the benefits of conscious sedation in pediatric dentistry is that it helps to reduce the child’s anxiety and make them more comfortable. This can help to ensure that they have a positive experience at the dentist and are less likely to develop dental anxiety later in life.
  • Conscious sedation can also help to make it easier for the dentist to perform certain procedures, such as teeth cleanings and fillings. Additionally, it can help to speed up another treatment process, which is especially beneficial for children who need multiple procedures in one visit.
  • Children with special needs may particularly benefit from conscious sedation as it allows our team to better accommodate their particular needs or circumstances. As we work to ensure the patient is properly tended to, they can feel comfortable and secure with the use of sedatives.
  • Overall, conscious sedation is generally a safe and effective method of providing calm and comfortable dental care for children.

At our Fort Mill, SC practice, we believe in the importance of establishing a healthy, fun-filled atmosphere for children that promotes a healthy relationship with dentistry and empowers them to thrive with oral care. In doing this, we are able to secure a brighter future for children – where caring for teeth and gums is a properly prioritized activity. When children feel anxious about visiting the dentist, we believe that sedation is able to give them the confidence boost they need so we can provide the care they deserve.

Some parents may be hesitant to have their child undergo conscious sedation for dental care, but it is important to remember that the benefits of this type of sedation vastly outweigh any risks. With the help of a qualified pediatric professional, conscious sedation can make the dental appointment a safe and positive experience for your child.

Conscious Sedation

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