Tega Cay Pediatric Dentistry - Fort Mill, SC

Sedation & Special Needs

Sedation is an excellent option for children with special needs who may struggle getting through a routine dental appointment or procedure. Children with special needs may experience disabilities or sensory impairments that make dental visits feel frightening or stressful. With the help of sedation, these appointments can be more pleasant for them – as the sedative fosters a calm and relaxed feeling for the child, our Fort Mill, SC providers are able to provide them with faster and more precise treatment. In addition to making visits less time-consuming, this will minimize any feelings of anxiety or discomfort.

If your child meets any of the above criteria, they could benefit from sedation during their next dental visit. Our providers will be happy to work with both you and your child to determine what they need in order to have an enjoyable experience. If you have any questions regarding sedation, call our office today!

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