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General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is provided to our young patients to alleviate feelings of anxiety or discomfort throughout extensive dental procedures. While most often reserved for surgical treatments that are performed in hospitals, we also find that general anesthesia is beneficial in a variety of dental surgeries – such as wisdom tooth extraction and surgical jaw correction. Our team provides general anesthesia in our office in collaboration with a certified anesthesiologist. As we perform any necessary procedures, the child is under constant surveillance of the anesthetic administrator. This is to monitor their condition as the procedure progresses and keep making consistent adjustments to the anesthetic level. Not only does this ensure the safety of the child, but their continued comfort as well! To learn more about general anesthesia, please read below! If you have any questions, contact our Fort Mill, SC office today!

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a medication that is administered to sedate patients while simultaneously numbing the nerve receptors. This creates a comfortable, painless experience during surgery. General anesthesia can be administered through a gas mask or intravenously; however, we tend to utilize the IV option as it allows access for our dental care providers to perform their oral procedures.

As the medication enters the bloodstream, it begins taking effect within 30 seconds. In contrast to our conscious sedation options, general anesthesia causes patients to fall asleep during this time and remain unconscious throughout their procedure.

The Procedure

If your child is receiving general anesthesia for their appointment, we will work with you to ensure all of your questions or concerns are addressed before the procedure date. Below, we will list some of the most important details regarding general anesthesia and what to expect before, during, and after their visit.

  • Before your child’s procedure, make sure they do not have anything to eat or drink for at least eight hours prior to the appointment. Just as general anesthesia relaxes the oral regions, it relaxes the entire body – including the stomach. As these muscles relax, it can cause problems with proper digestion. Additionally, we request that you notify us of any health conditions your child has, medications they take, or recent symptoms of sickness that they are currently exhibiting. With this information, we can provide the best care – tailored directly to your child.
  • During the procedure, you can count on an expert team to monitor your child throughout their procedure. Aided by a certified anesthesiologist, you will have no doubt that your child is comfortable and cared for during the appointment. We will monitor their heart rate and respiration through the entire visit to secure their safety and comfort.
  • After the procedure, your child may continue feeling drowsy for several hours after waking up. In addition, feeling nauseous or experiencing muscle aches is common. These side effects tend to disappear by the following day. If your child is experiencing other side effects or you have a question about their recovery, do not hesitate to call our office! We will be happy to provide the answers you need abs ensure your child’s smooth recovery.
General Anesthesia

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